Chocolate Matzo

I love matzo! I love it fried, I love it with melted cheese and I love it with chocolate! It is that time again, where Jews all around the world are gathering together for their traditional meals. This year we started some new traditions in our house, having our very first seder, and finally unwrapping the seder plate we received as a wedding gift over eight years ago.

In preparation for our meal today, Charlie and I got busy during Lou's nap making some chocolate covered matzo!

I am super excited to share this recipe because it is almost completely sugar-free. Now don't get nervous - I didn't say 'sweet-free' or 'treat-free', just 'sugar-free'. I promise, this chocolaty dessert will satisfy even the most seasoned sweet tooth (I use my husband as the barometer here).

When reading through recipes I often find myself questioning the amount of sugars being called for. My Mother used to do this when I was a kid - she never ever followed a recipe verbatim and it drove me crazy. Ironically, I now find myself taking it to a whole new level. If I can cut out sugar completely, without compromising taste, then I do it. Boldly. If I can substitute healthier fats, I do it. The recipe that follows is something you can feel really good about eating - nutritious dessert! Imagine that. The only sugar is found in the chocolate chips. The brand I use is organic and sweetened with cane sugar.

Chocolate Matzo by CHARLIE+LOU

5-6 sheets of whole wheat organic matzo

4 tbsp. coconut oil

1 capful vanilla

pinch of salt

semi-sweet organic chocolate chips (we used Sunspire)

Spread the matzo on two baking sheets. Melt the coconut oil in a small saucepan. Add vanilla and salt to the oil. Pour the oil evenly over the matzo. Bake at 350F for 15min.

Remove the matzo from the oven and cover in chocolate chips. Let stand for 5min. When the chocolate is soft, gently spread with a spatula. Let cool completely. Break into pieces and store in the fridge. We used unbleached parchment paper to separate layers of matzo in a cookie tin.

I think this recipe would also work well using Ghee. I haven't tried it yet, but I imagine that the natural caramel flavour of Ghee would go beautifully with chocolate. My original reference recipe for this dessert called for 1c. sugar and 1c. of butter! By eliminating the sugar and substituting coconut oil for butter, I feel a lot better about serving this to my kiddos all week long!

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  • Maureen: April 13, 2017

    I LOVE this! And….just for the record….I STILL cannot Ever, EVER follow a recipe. It drives ME crazy!!!
    I LOVE that you guys had your very own first Seder in your house. How was it? What did you cook to go along with the chocolate Matzos?

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