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"Are you sick?" This is the question my husband asks whenever he sees ginger and lemon out on the counter. I have been making this immune boosting tea for a few years now - whenever I feel even the slightest tickle in the back of my throat, or extra exhaustion in my body, this is my go-to solution. It's warm, soothing, spicy and full of healing ingredients. In fact, I was convinced by friends to purchase a Vitamix for the express purpose of making this tea! 

Before the Vitamix, I used to just boil ginger in water. Now, the entire piece of ginger is completely emulsified. It's a bit of a noisy process - when we lived in NY I used to have to take the Vitamix into the bathroom and close the door before I could press start - but it only takes a few minutes to create this incredible drink!


1 piece ginger, skin on (about the size of your thumb)

1 lemon, juiced

5 c. water, filtered

1/2 tsp. ground tumeric

3 tbsp honey (raw, local or Manuka)

cayenne pepper, to taste

Place all ingredients, except for the honey, in the Vitamix. Set to the 'hot soup' setting and press start. If you don't have pre-settings, use 5 c. of hot water instead of cold, and run your vitamix on high until the ginger is emulsified. Add honey and cayenne pepper and mix. Adjust the taste to your liking - if you like really spicy, increase the amount of ginger and cayenne.

This recipe makes a lot of tea! I like to drink one mug hot, and then fill up glass jars to keep in the fridge and drink cold for the rest of the day. How gorgeous is this colour?!

If you are looking for other ways to boost your immune system holistically, we use DoTerra oils everyday. Their On Guard oil is a Protective Blend to help you through these chilly Fall days. We diffuse this oil or rub some on the soles of our feet before bed. Click on the image below to purchase through our Boutique!

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