Morning Coffee

In a perfect world, mornings are reserved for playing music. Practicing, improvising and writing. Ideally the house is quiet, the rain is falling, the coffee is steaming and I start with a broody improvisation on the piano. Then I move to Bach. Then I write. It's a beautiful, centering way to start each day, especially with 2 young children at home. Keeping up a practice routine has been a challenge, but I'm doing it. A little bit every day. Coffee is really really important.

For reasons I won't bore you with, I'm in the midst of an 'elimination diet'. No wheat, dairy, soy, corn, or night-shade veggies for 4 weeks. It's a pain, but not a problem. There are so many options these days. So many substitutions...except for milk in my coffee. I really just like a drop of old fashion organic cows milk in my coffee. So what was I to do?! I'm not a huge fan of nut milks because there are WAY too many additives and sugars to make them taste any good. Soy milk was out of the question. But then, I stumbled upon this brand called 'MALK' at Erewhon, and it has literally saved my morning routine! Cold-pressed, no additives, just nuts, water and a bit of maple syrup. I pour it into my frother and make a nice little almond milk latte. It's still not as good as real milk, but I've always pronounced milk as 'm-a-l-k', so maybe it's a sign!

I leave you with one of my improvisations. It's not perfect, but I like the vibe and you can hear the rain in the background. Can you smell the coffee?


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