Oh sleep.  I messed up on sleep.  When I had my first daughter I swore I would never be one of those Moms whose lives are ruled by naps.  My baby would be flexible!  My baby would sleep when she was tired no matter where we were!  Ya right.  My baby didn't have a schedule and often slept in our Ergo Carrier or in the stroller.  I couldn't quite figure out why she never had those mythical 2hr. naps I heard murmurings about.  I didn't believe in sleep training...that is until nobody in our house was sleeping.  Desperate and sleep deprived, we meekly attempted sleep training to moderate success.  Our eldest is now 5 and still has trouble sleeping through the night.  I vowed we wouldn't make the same mistakes with our second child.

Things didn't start off too well.  We didn't have a crib set up until our daughter was 11 months old!  In our defense, we moved our family across the country from New York to Los Angeles and so our energy wasn't completely focused on the rhythms of sleep.  But, gradually we got our shit together.  I grilled all the moms I knew whose children slept for hours everyday and straight through the night.  We developed a routine involving sleep sacks, lavender oil, and singing for naps and for bedtime.  I hit sleep training hard (and by me, I really mean my husband who spent sleepless nights waiting out our daughters' screams while I hid underneath my pillow panicking).  Now, I have become one of those Moms.  My days revolve around nap schedules and bedtimes, but my kid sleeps for TWO hours everyday and it's heaven and she's so much happier!  

Everything was going along swimmingly.  Just when I was beginning to think we had conquered the sleep thing, my daughter started waking up at 5am...and then 4:45am.  The later we put her to bed the earlier she woke up and once again we were walking around in a sleepless haze.  Why is it so hard??!!  Sometimes it just feels like the boundary setting is never-ending and just when you think you've got it figure out, something shifts and you start all over again.  So what to do?  I had heard about these clocks that light up when it's time for your child to wake up.  I'd endured a month of 5am wake-up calls.  I bought one of these clocks.  It took 5 days for my daughter to completely get it.  Yesterday she slept until 6:20! Can you hear the angels singing?!  I woke up BEFORE her wondering why I felt so rested and realized that she was still sleeping soundly.  It's the little things that make a world of difference when you are in the parenting trenches.  Here's the link to the clock we bought on amazon. Sweet dreams!


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