Snacks: Apples + Bananas

Recently I decided to try something new. I stopped buying snacks. Think about that for a minute. No chips, pretzels, popcorn, seaweed, bars, crackers. None of it. Why would I do something so crazy? I got to thinking about all the additives and crap that goes into our food - even our organic food - and I thought, really, the only way to truly know what we are eating is to just eat fresh stuff. I wanted a break from ingredient reading and defensive shopping, and so I thought I'd try just offering fruits and veggies when my kids complained of hunger. Do you know what happened? I ran out of fruits and veggies and my kids never once, not one time, asked for pre-packed stuff. Holy shit. Here I had been feeding them packages of stuff - and it was really good stuff because I really am a great ingredient reader - when I could have just been giving them the real deal.

Do you know what else happened? We started having a bit more creative fun in the kitchen. I'm not talking about fancy super-mom stuff, just simple "how many different ways can we eat an apple?" kind of stuff. I don't like to get fussy in the kitchen, but it doesn't take much to throw together food that looks good and tastes great! So today we present you with our favourite new ways to eat apples and bananas. I cannot take credit for any of these ideas. I gather my inspiration from moms, teachers and instragramers, test it on my children and put it all together into my own collection.



A Tartine is an open-faced sandwich. Use your apple as the bread and create a buffet of your favourite toppings. Spread your apple slices with your favourite nut butter (we used almond and sunbutter) and let your kids create their own flavour combinations.

Our toppings often include some combination of coconut flakes, pepitas, raisins, chia seeds, pecans and cranberries.



This is amazingly delicious. Simply spread a bit of avocado between two slices of apples for a fun twist. Sprinkle avocado with a pinch of salt if you so desire. You can also use leftover guacamole if you happen to have some lying around…I would never suggest that you make a fresh batch just for this!



Everything tastes better on a stick! We found these beautiful food picks on amazon and are now selling them in our boutique. Cut apple and cheese slices in any shape you wish, or get really fancy and use cookie cutters! This looks super impressive but takes mere seconds to make. Kids will have fun choosing their shapes and threading everything onto their kabob.



This beautiful cast iron peeler is mesmerizing. It simultaneously peels apple skins into long snake-like coils, and cores and slices apples into an accordion of rings. We sell the peeler in our boutique and keep one on display on our kitchen shelf.


1. Golden Coins

It's all in the name. You can't get simpler than slicing a banana with it's skin on! Kids will love peeling off the little piece of gold surrounding their banana bite.

2. Banana Bites

This has quickly become my very favourite breakfast. Take a tortilla, spread it with nut butter, place a banana on the edge and roll it up like a burrito. Slice and devour. This recipe comes from the always inspiring Weelicious cookbook. Click on the pink link and scroll to the bottom of the page to purchase through our Boutique.

3. Banana Nut Tartine

Similar to our Apple Tartines, slice your banana in half length-wise. Spread with your favourite nut butter and sprinkle with chia seeds, or your topping of choice.

It's amazing how varying the shape and presentation of the same fruit can completely change the taste and experience of eating it! So simple and fun. We would love to hear from you - what are your favourite ways to eat apples and bananas?


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