Sweet Potato Cakes

I'm not great with leftovers. They tend to sit in the fridge until mold starts to grow and I feel less guilty about throwing them away. This morning when I opened the fridge, I was confronted by a sad pot of leftover sweet potatoes. I had unsuccessfully tried to serve them for dinner the night before (granted they were cold and looked thoroughly unappetizing). So, what to do? In a rare moment of 'leftovers' inspiration I thought: pancakes!

I'm really proud of myself for this one. Amazed really. Did I mention I'm bad with leftovers?! These pancakes turned out to be so delicious and light and colourful. We cut up a plate of veggies, made some guacamole and had ourselves a full rainbow coloured dinner!

Sweet Potato Pancakes by CHARLIE+LOU

11/2c. leftover mashed sweet potatoes 

2 eggs

1/2c. yogurt

1/4c. water

sprinkle of cinnamon

1 capful of vanilla

11/4c. flour (spelt)

1 tbsp. baking powder

pinch of salt

Mix the potatoes, eggs, yogurt, water, cinnamon and vanilla in a medium size bowl.

Add flour, baking powder and salt. Heat some coconut oil in a skillet and fry as you normally would cook any other kind of pancake. Makes about 12 medium pancakes.

Hold the syrup! These pancakes taste absolutely delicious on their own. You can experiment with your own toppings - perhaps something more savory than sweet. We tried some topped with a bit of Ghee and salt, and also some dipped in guacamole. 

Breakfast for dinner is always fun, and somehow feels easier to prepare!

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