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Nothing makes me cringe more than the traditional kids menu. Why oh why do we continue to present our children with enriched white empty carbs devoid of any nutrition?  I often feel like we don't give our kids enough credit - maybe, just maybe, if they are given healthy, fresh, nutritious food, they might actually eat it!  

But, the truth is, pizza and quesadillas are yummy.  So what can we do at home to pack a little nutrition into these popular dishes?  Let me introduce you to my favourite staple:  Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Tortillas.  These tortillas are made out of sprouted grains with no added sugar or preservatives.  Each tortilla has 6g of protein - how can you feel bad about that?  I have used them for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and always keep at least 2 packs in the freezer.  They are sold at most health food stores including Whole Foods.  

Last night I made pizza and used these tortillas as the 'dough'.  Store-bought dough usually has added sugar and takes time to roll out and prepare.  I pulled a few tortillas out of the freezer, placed them on a baking sheet and added all our favourite toppings.  I like to sprinkle raw spinach and baby kale on the bottom and then add sauce and other veggies.  My kids could not get enough of them!  The best part?  They are ridiculously easy to put together and come out of the oven faster than it would take to order delivery.

Breakfast. These tortillas taste delicious spread with your favourite nut butter and jam.  I roll them up like a burrito and call them "Jam Roll-Ups".  You could also fold them in half and cut them into triangle shapes.  Weelicious has a wonderful recipe for Banana Dog Bites.  

For lunch and snacks, these tortillas are delicious with simple fillings like avocado and hummus.  Of course, melted cheese is always a favourite - try adding some pickle slices for an extra kick.  Be creative and think outside the box - the possibilities are endless!  I do suggest placing small pieces of parchment paper in between each of the tortillas if you are going to freeze them.  If you don't do this they tend to come out of the freezer stuck in one big block, and who needs that frustration?

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  • Nay: September 28, 2016

    Sah, I loved It! Thanks for sharing! Im def going To try those bananas bites! ??? and the pizz… Hummmmm ?

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