I've started including this in every birthday gift. A beautiful book for children and a wonderful reminder for us parents!

These beautiful silks are wonderful for peekaboo with baby and imaginary play with older children.  Available in a variety of lovely hues.

Our girls never had any issues with teething - no symptoms, no pain, no sleepless nights.  I give all the credit to these teething necklaces.  I don't understand how they work, I just know that they do!

I had my babies in New York where strollers were a pain in the butt and navigating the city took a special kind of courage.  I don't know what I would have done without my Ergo carrier. 

Organic cotton insert for the Ergo carrier. Allows you to use your Ergo for newborn babies 7-12lbs

I write just a few lines every night before bed.  Anything that happened during the day that made me smile or made me cry. I love how even the simplest words can bring me back to a day years before that I otherwise would have forgotten.

Recently our 2yr. old started waking at 5am.  After enduring about a month of these early morning wake-ups, we bought this clock.  Now she sleeps until after 6am - what a difference that hour makes!

Great bubbles, nice scent, clean and all natural.  What more could you want?  We use this every single night for bath time and simply take the suds to wash hair and scrub down.  No other soap needed!

We live in Southern California, so we've gotten to really know about sunscreen.  This face stick from the Honest Company is so easy to apply - kids love doing it themselves.