Say goodbye to plastic bags! These bags keep produce crisp for over a week in the fridge, and they are perfect for filling with bulk nuts and seeds. Use water-based crayons to label with bulk codes and wash in cold water when you are done.
Of course these can be used for arts and craft projects, but we use them to write on our reusable Simple Ecology cotton bags when shopping for our bulk nuts and seeds.
No more plastic wrap! Use these sheets to cover and wrap anything and everything (except meat).
This amazing peeler simultaneously peels, cores and slices your apple into accordion-like rings.
Liven up snack time with these beautiful food picks. Try fruit kabobs or pickles and olives on a stick!
These beautiful muffin cups can be used to bake muffins, but also liven up a lunch box and are great for little bite-size snacks.
Perfect bite-size mouthful. Easy to clean and you don't need muffin wrappers - simply bake, cool and pop out of the mold!

These Zoku mini pop molds completely changed the snack experience in our house. The perfect size for little fingers, we love filling them with raw coconut water for a refreshing treat.

Say NO to plastic ziplock bags! We love these Bumpkins bags because they have waterproof lining and are dishwasher safe so they can be used again and again. One snack bag replaces 500 ziplock bags in a lifetime!


Say NO to plastic ziplock bags! These bags are perfect for snacks and lunches.


We love Dr. Bronner's soap.  All natural, no chemicals and available in a variety of wonderful scents. The soap is super concentrated so we dilute half and half with water.

Hands down the best all purpose cleaner out there. No need to buy special products for floors, toilets and windows. Super concentrated, so a little bit goes a long way.

We've had ours for more than 8 years.  The strainer insert makes this the perfect pot for making our Lazy Chicken Soup

If you've ever visited the Now Massage Boutique, you know what a calming and beautiful atmosphere these lights create. In addition to being beautiful, they are a natural air purifier. We keep one in each bedroom.

Over the last couple years, there have been a few moments where I thought: now, I've really become a Mom! The first time I packed lunch for my daughter was one of these moments. Weelicious has been a constant source of inspiration. Fun, delicious and healthy!