About Us

It all started one summer when my 3-year-old daughter Charlie decided she wanted to wear one of my dresses. Not for dress up, but for real. I grabbed a hair elastic, gathered up the back of one of my knee length frocks, and the Charlie Dress was born: A magic maxi dress with all the whirl and twirl a little girl demands of it. There was something really special about that transformation, and simple too.  Since then we’ve worked with local artists and suppliers to bring the Charlie Dress to life, with a focus on craftsmanship, natural materials and ultimate wearability. We hope you – and your little ones – will love it.

CHARLIE + LOU is named after our two daughters, who are a constant source of inspiration.  We have worked tirelessly to design clothing that will never be outgrown and will see you through every stage of life - childhood, adolescence, pregnancy, motherhood and beyond!  We celebrate beautiful, effortless and meaningful design, and through our clothing, we strive to capture the very real desire to grow up, but also to stay young at heart.

More unique CHARLIE + LOU designs are on their way and we look forward to sharing them soon.


Sarah & Michael Rothstein, founders.